Refurbishment and extension to five storey Grade II listed home in Little Venice with a strong sustainable element to minimise energy use and improve natural light.

The Brief

This was an opportunity to test low carbon materials within a residential project. The client wanted to resolve damp issues in the lower ground floor and extend it to form a new kitchen, living and dining area that was the focal point of the family home with a greater connection to the garden.

The Design

Sustainability was a key goal for the client, and materials were selected that had low embodied carbon and well as low energy, through the use of timber and stone.

We used pre-stressed stone as an alternative to concrete foundations over clay soil. The original listed stone cantilevered staircase was restored, and a timber frame was introduced, along with CEM free concrete which is a much more sustainable material.

The project has just started on site.

Images courtesy of Marks Barfield

Architect: Marks Barfield