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Vote for Team VIVO – People’s Pavilion 2023

Mar 7, 2023Company News

Tisserin are delighted to support Team VIVO in the 2023 People’s Pavilion design competition led by Beyond The Box. The design
competition invites young people 14-18 years of age from across East London, to work collaboratively as part of a small team, and in
partnership with professionals from the architectural, construction, and creative arts industries, to design their own temporary pavilion.

Team VIVO Members: Aarabhi Mathan. Jameela Rahman, and Jevon Greene

VIVO means “I live’ in Italian, however it is also the musical term for lively. We chose this name as we felt it was fitting: we all became
friends over music so you could say that music brought our friendship to life, inspiring the concept of the pavilion being an instrument.
After developing the form, inspired by the treble clef, we began adding features such as strings and pipes to form a playable entrance, in
addition we have a gradient between polycarbonate and timber for the roof to create sounds when it rains.
We didn’t want our pavilion to be an instrument physically but also metaphorically, we want the building to be an instrument of
networking, to find new passions and love or even simply just to connect with others.
Realising that music had two main features, creating but also listening, we were inspired to mirror this concept through the pavilion with
a social stage area to share music and a more intimate area to enioy the music and connect on a more personal level.

The winning design team will feature at the Venice Biennale in March 2023.

Read more about this year’s venture here.

To vote, please click here. Voting closes on 17th March 2023